Guaranteed Sales Assistance Program

Jim Fulgenzi’s Sales Force’s Guaranteed Sales Assistance Program is just one of the ways we assist our home sellers and buyers in today’s ever changing market.

The purpose of the program is to offer you additional options and leverage in the decision making process of selling your existing home while buying a new home or making an offer, without a sale contingency on your next home. This program helps to make sure that the purchase of your new home is a fantastic experience from start to move in.

In the event your current home does not sell within 180 days or Jim Fulgenzi will purchase your existing home through our Guaranteed Sales Assistance Program.

The GSA Program immediately enables you to:

  • Use Leverage

    Knowing your home is sold no matter what allows you to make stronger non-contingent offers

  • Pursue New Opportunities

    You don’t have to wait to get your home sold to plan your future

  • Confirm a Closing Date

    With a guaranteed sale you can close when you want on your new home

  • Lock in Mortgage Rates

    You can take advantage of a favorable interest rate with a firm closing date

  • Build a New Home

    Knowing your home is sold when the new one is finished takes a lot of stress away


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What Properties Qualify?

  • A single-family residence with public utilites
  • Homes in the area that sell within normal Marketing time
  • A home that is in good physical condition and aesthetically pleasing
  • Homes valued at under $350,000
  • Homes not listed for sale in the last year
  • Owner occupied properties only

*Subject to the terms & provisions detailed in the Jim Fulgenzi Sales Force Purchase Addendum

What Properties Don't Qualify?

  • Multi-family, farms, lots, modular homes, condominiums and rural homes
  • Homes outside our primary marketing area
  • Homes in areas with an overabundance of comparable listings available (over supply)
  • Homes listed with other real estate agencies or companies
  • Homes with code violations, toxic materials, or other conditions adversely affecting marketability
  • Homes in a short-sale or pre-foreclosure situation